Risk Dashboard

The Secberus Risk Dashboard calculates a real-time Risk posture with easy-to-use filters. It can be used to examine the high-level risk posture of an organization, as well as the risk posture for specific types of risk.

Risk dashboard

The View by menu provides two viewing types: Policy & Category

Policy View

The Policy view shows a list of all of your subscribed policies. You can alter the sorting of this list by clicking on the following table headers:

  • Policy - Alphabetical
  • Severity - Criticality

Click on any Policy row on the dashboard to investigate the specific violations for that policy.

Category View

The Category view shows a summary of the risk across different security categories. Each policy is associated with a Policy category. When building a custom policy, this category can be chosen.

The out-of-the-box Policy categories are:

  • Audit Monitoring
  • Access Control: Authentication
  • Access Control: Least Privileges
  • Access Control: Password Management
  • Access Control: Prohibit Public Access
  • Audit: Logging
  • Encryption: Data at Rest
  • Encryption: Data in Transit
  • Encryption: Key Management
  • Security: Best Practices
  • Security: Network Ports
  • Security: Web Application Firewall
Risk by category

Click on a row in the Policy categories list to investigate the policies within that category.


Persistant Filters

All Filters will persist throughout the inspection of a Category, Policy, or Violation. To clear these filters, click Clear on the filter you would like to remove.