Data source health
The data source screen has been updated to include connection information for monitored data sources. This will provide visibility into when scans occur and if there are issues collecting the information needed to run against enabled policies. Additionally, the policy coverage tab has been updated to include execution data.


New layout for activity log, bug fixes for filters, easier way to view violations by severity
The activity log has been redesigned for easier event tracking, and more visibility into each event. The filter panel was refactored to fix recurring issues. The severity widget on the Risk dashboard is now clickable for an easy way to sort policy violations by severity.


New frameworks filter, improved management of policy coverage, new violation list report
The ability to filter by Compliance frameworks has been added to the Risk dashboard. Data from the Risk dashboard can now be exported to a .csv in a violation list format. The management of policy coverage has been improved.


Secberus Admin, report exporting, enhanced support
There is now a dedicated area for managing a Secberus account. The ability to create and edit organizations, users, custom roles, and access policies, as well as manage authentication now lives within the Secberus Admin. Data from the Risk dashboard, Compliance frameworks, and Policy violations, specific to the filters applied, can be exported to a .csv file. The support section in the left sidebar was updated in order to easily gain access to helpful support documentation, guides, and release notes, as well as send a message to the Secberus support team.


Enhanced user management with ABAC
User management has been updated to utilize Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC), building on the previous implementation of RBAC. Read more.


Enhanced user management with RBAC
User management was updated to utilize Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) in order to limit users from having unnecessary access to environments and actions. Read more.


Overview dashboard
The overview dashboard provides an aggregate view of your cloud environments. This includes your security posture and other key performance indicators, identifying areas of high risk, and displaying compliance of policy frameworks deemed important by your organization.


UI/UX improvements: Table responsiveness, miscellaneous bug fixes


UI/UX improvements: Table enhancements, pagination, and navigation updates


Github data source
Secberus now supports Github as a data source, enabling the ability to write policies and assess your Terraform code for security and compliance pre-deployment.