Okta added as available data source type
The new Okta data source integration enables Secberus to collect and analyze Okta account data against selected policies. Read more.


Login flow performance improvements
The login process has been streamlined to be far faster than previously. Additionally there were several small bug fixes.


Easier way to create custom policies
The policy editor was updated with a new layout to help improve the process of creating custom policies. In addition, the Data explorer now includes an SQL query editor to create and run queries with the associated resource data, that can be saved as policy logic.


UI Updates
In an effort to increase the content showing in the visible screen area and to improve overall usability, we've overhauled the buttons, input fields, table font size and spacing, design system colors, and overall spacing within Secberus.


Customize reports
Scheduled reports can now be delivered to multiple recipients via email. For Compliance summary reports, you now have the ability to select the frameworks to include in each report, and elect whether to include recommendations for failing controls.


Data explorer and alert email enhancements
A new feature was released that enables the exploration of resource data collected in each Secberus organization. It includes a SQL editor, enabling the ability to create and run queries with the associated resource data. The violation alert notifications sent via email have been updated to include remediation steps and the organization in which the violation is occurring.


UI/UX improvements
There were several small design changes in the app and PDF reports to keep consistent with the Secberus design system. In addition, we've added the ability to open policies in a new tab from the Policy list screen by right clicking on a row in the policy table. A bug was fixed with email integrations when extra whitespace is present.


Reporting enhancements
The Overview report now includes inventory of all resource types detected by Secberus listed by data source type. The experience for configuring scheduled reports has been improved and we've added the ability to replace the Secberus logo with a logo of your choice. Modal error messaging has been updated to display within each modal.


Easier way to identify policies, miscellaneous improvements & fixes
Improved the policy list table by including the policy ID to make it easier to find specific policies. Updated the account display name with a friendly version in the organization select field. Resolved an issue displaying the policy ID in place of resource type in the violation panel. Introduced minor UI/UX improvements for adding members to organizations.


Managing frameworks
The manage frameworks screen was updated to include more information for each framework, including the version, last updated date, and covered data source types. Additionally, toggling a framework on/off will now update all policies mapped to the framework with the same status.