Creating Custom Policies

There are two ways to create a custom Secberus policy: Create a New Policy or Clone & Edit an Existing Policy.

Create New Policy

  1. Navigate to the Policies tab and click New Policy
New policy
  1. Create a Name, choose a Severity, and select a Category for the policy.

  1. Optionally a associate this new policy with one or more Compliance framework(s) using Add frameworks, optionally provide a Remediation plan, and then select Policy Editor.

  1. Use the Add resource type section inside of the Policy Editor to search for available resources for the policy, and write the policy in the Policy Editor section using the REGO Language.

  1. Once the policy is written, you can evaluate it in real-time against existing data sources by clicking the Test button.

  1. Finally, click the Save button to publish your custom Secberus policy.


Search Custom Policies

You can easily search and filter for your custom policies on the Policy tab. Use the Author filter in the filter panel and select Custom.

Clone & Edit an Existing Policy

Visit the Modifying Policies article for an explanation of how to create a new policy from an existing policy.