How to set up SSO authentication using an Okta integration

You can configure the Secberus platform for single sign-on through Okta. Here are the steps.

  1. Log into your Okta account.
  2. Select Applications page
  3. Click Create New App: (top right button)

Navigate to 'Applications' and select 'Create New App'

  1. Select OpenID Connect and click create (platform stays Web)

Select 'OpenID Connect' and click 'Create'

  1. Configure Application:

Configure the new application

  1. From there Okta will provide a Client ID, Client Secret and issuer url i.e. ( you will need to enter this information into the designated fields and submit.

  2. Assign Users in your Okta application.


Assign users

  1. Update Scopes:

Update scopes


Your Okta integration is now complete.