Create Workflows

Workflows exist within an organization. To create a workflow, follow these steps.


Setup Integrations before creating workflows

You will need to setup your desired integration before creating a workflow. To setup integrations, click here.

  1. To create a workflow in the Secberus platform, start by navigating to the Workflows item in the sidebar.

  2. Select Create Workflow

New workflow
  1. Use the Trigger(s) section to select your trigger filters. You can narrow the scope by Data sources, Category, Resource data, Resource tags, and Severity.
  2. Use the Actions section to associate the trigger conditions with an action. You can choose multiple actions for one trigger.
  3. Save your workflow by using the Save workflow button.
Create workflow


Automatic Incident Response

Use workflows to notify parties of important issues as they are detected. For example, you can create a workflow for critical violations that both sends a notification email to management and creates a ticket for the DevOps team.